Mondovi, a town of Piedmont, Italy, in the province of Coni, on the right bank of the El-lero, 1,810 ft. above the sea, and 53 m. W. of Genoa; pop. about 10,000. It is partly on a hill, is walled, and has a citadel. The streets are adorned with many handsome edifices, among which is the cathedral of San Donato. It is the seat of a bishop, and has two gymnasia, a technical school, an episcopal seminary, and other schools and charitable institutions. The manufactures are of woollens, silks, etc. The city was founded in the 12th century by the people of the surrounding villages, as a place of refuge during the civil wars. It remained an independent republic till 1396, when it submitted to Amadeus of Savoy, titular prince of Achaia. On April 21, 1796, it was the scene of a battle between a portion of Bonaparte's army and the Sardinians under Colli, in which the latter were defeated with the loss of 2,000 men and 8 guns. In 1799 the city was fearfully punished for rising against the French.