Mumps (cynanche parotidea, parotitis), a specific inflammation of the parotid and submaxillary glands. This curious affection, called by the Scotch branks, and by the French oreil-Iojis or ourles, has been known from the time of Hippocrates. It commences with a feeling of pain and tension beneath the ear, swelling takes place, and motion of the jaw is painful. The swelling soon involves the parotid and submaxillary glands; it is somewhat pasty to the feel, and is unattended with redness of the skin. Sometimes one side only is affected, sometimes both at once, more commonly one after the other. The disease is attended with slight fever, but the pain is by no means proportioned to the swelling and the deformity. The duration of the complaint is from eight to ten days, it taking four days to attain its height, and four days being occupied by its decline. Occasionally in males the testes, and in females the breasts, become swollen and hard as the swelling of the salivary glands subsides; and very rarely, in the subsidence of the swelling, either of the parotid or of the testes, inflammation of the brain or its membranes has occurred. The disease is often epidemic, and is generally believed to be contagious.

It ordinarily requires little treatment, the administration of a laxative and warm and emollient applications to the affected part being all that is necessary. "When the brain is attacked, it must be treated irrespective of the original affection.