I. Balthasiir

Balthasiir, a German clergyman, born in Lübeck, March 24, 1735, died in Copenhagen, Oct. 5, 1793. He studied theology at Jena, was for a time a preacher at Gotha, and became celebrated as a pulpit orator in the German church of Copenhagen, and as the author of the Bekehrungsgeschichte des Grafen ton Struensee (Copenhagen, 1772; English translation, " A Faithful Narrative of the Conversion and Death of Count Struensee," etc, by the Rev. Mr. Wendeborn, 2d ed., London, 1774). He wrote a series of hymns (1773 and 1774). He was the father of Friederike Brun.

II. Friedrirli

Friedrirli, a German-Danish theologian and archaeologist, son of the preceding, born in Gotha, Oct. 14, 1761, died in Copenhagen, April 9, 1830. He was professor of theology at Copenhagen, and from 1808 till his death bishop of Seeland. He wrote several books on the history of Christianity and of the reformation in Denmark and Norway, and critical works on the cuneiform inscriptions of Per-sepolis (1800), on similar inscriptions in Sicily (1802), on the religion of the Carthaginians (1816), and various other topics of ancient and mediaeval history.