Murray, Or Goolwa, a river of Australia, which rises in the Warragong mountains, in lat. 36° 20' S., lon. 148° 15' E. Its course is very tortuous, the curvatures being short, abrupt, and almost incessant. After descending from the highlands, it flows nearly westward to lon. 144° 45' E., then takes a N. W. direction to Mt. Lookout, where again turning it proceeds to Elbow, in lat. 34° S., Ion. 139° 46' E., and there bending suddenly runs S. S. W. to Lake Victoria, into which it falls at Wellington in lat. 35° 30' S. This river and its tributaries drain an area of about 500,000 sq. m. Its length is about 1,000 m., and its average breadth from 100 to 150 yards. It overflows its banks periodically, and sometimes rises 30 or 40 ft, above its ordinary level. During this season it is navigable to within 90 m. of its source, and then steamers and barges ply regularly between Wellington, Albury, and the intermediate towns. Its principal affluents are the Goulburn, Campaspe, Murrumbidgee (with the Lachlan), and Darling. Lake Alexandria, Victoria, or Kayinga, which connects it with the sea, is about 30 m. long and 15 m. broad, but in general very shallow.

The entrance to it from the sea not being navigable, a tram-Avay has been constructed between Goolwa and Port Elliot, which is worked in connection with the river steamers.