I. A Town Of European Russia

A Town Of European Russia, in the government of Yekaterinoslav, on the right bank of the Don, about 30 from its mouth, and 7 m. E. N. E. of Rostov; pop. in 1871, 16,584, mostly Armenians. It stands on an eminence, has manufactures of cotton and silk, and maintains an extensive traffic with Circassia, Astrakhan, Turkistan, and Constantinople, especially in pearls and precious stones. The town was founded in 1780 by a colony of Armenians, and is the seat of the Armenian patriarch of Russia.

II. A City (Anc. Naxuana) Of Russian Armenia

A City Anc. Naxuana (Of Russian Armenia), on a plateau near the left bank of the Aras, 83 m. S. E. of Erivan, and 175 m. S. by E. of Tiflis; pop. in 1871, 5,356. The Armenians regard it as the most ancient city in the world, and as the spot where Noah settled after the deluge; and it formerly contained, according to the Persian annalists, 40,000 houses. In antiquity it belonged to Media, and subsequently it became important in Armenia. It was destroyed in the 4th century by the Persians, in the 13th by the Tartars, and in the 17th again by the Persians. Shah Nadir wrested it from Turkey, and the Russians in 1827 from Persia. In 1840 it was partly destroyed by an earthquake.