I. Vincent

Vincent, an English organist and composer, of Italian descent, born in London, Sept. 6, 1781, died in Nice in September, 1861. At the age of 16 he became organist of the Portuguese chapel in London, and under his direction the music there became noted for its excellence. He was one of the original founders of the philharmonic society and a member of the royal society of musicians. He composed largely, but without inspiration. His principal claim to distinction rests on the service he rendered to the art of music \>j editing and bringing to public attention a vast number of classical works of old as well as modern masters.

II. Clara Anastasia

Clara Anastasia, an English soprano singer, daughter of the preceding, born in London, June 15, 1818. She studied under Choron in Paris, and Moscheles and Costa in London. Her debut as a vocalist was made in 1830 at a benefit concert in Windsor, but she continued to study for the stage, and finally appeared in opera in 1841 in Milan, Bologna, and other Italian cities. In 1843 she appeared at Drury Lane in Pacini's " Sappho." Her artistic career, in which she had already attained a highly honorable position, was brought substantially to a close by her marriage in November, 1843, to Count Gigliucci of Fermo, Italy, though she subsequently appeared at times in public. She took formal leave of her profession at the crystal palace in Handel's "Messiah," and gave her last concert at St. James's hall, Nov. 26, 1860.