Exelmans, Or Exeelmans, Remy Joseph Isidore, count, a French general, born in Bar-le-Duc, Nov. 13, 1775, killed by a fall from his horse in July, 1852. He served first in Italy, became an aide-de-camp of Murat, went with him to Germany, and was made colonel after the battle of Austerlitz, and brigadier general in 1807, after that of Eylan. He accompanied Murat in 1808 to Spain, where he was made prisoner and carried to England. He made his escape in 1811 and rejoined Murat, then king of Naples. When disagreement arose between Murat and Napoleon, Exelmans returned to France, and served in the Russian campaign with the rank of general of division. He retained his position in the military service after the first restoration, but resumed his duties in the army of Napoleon upon his return from Elba, and was raised to the peerage. He did not take part in the battle of Waterloo, being under the command of Grouchy. Under the second restoration he was in exile till 1810. He was restored by Louis Philippe to the chamber of peers, and denounced in that body the execution of Ney as an "abominable assassination." Under the presidency of Louis Napoleon he was made grand chancellor of the legion of honor, marshal of France, and senator.