Genesis, the name of the first book in the Bible, denoting in Greek the generation," i. e., the account of the generation or production of all things. In Hebrew Bibles it is called Bereshiih, signifying in the beginning," because it commences with that word. By some Jewish writers it is also called Sepher yetzirah, the book of creation. Its history goes back to the very earliest ages of the human race, and covers a period of upward of 2,300 years; giving an account of the creation, the fall of man, the religion, arts, settlements, genealogies, corruption, and destruction of the antediluvian world; of the repeopling and division of the earth, the dispersion of its inhabitants, the calling of Abraham, and the rise and progress of the Hebrew nation, to the death of Joseph.-For all questions relating to the authorship and authenticity of the book, see PentateucH