John Flavel, an English clergyman and author, born at Bromsgrove,Worcestershire, about 1627, died in Exeter, June 26, 1691. He was educated at Oxford, became a curate at Diptford, and was called in 1656 to Dartmouth. He was one of the 2,000 clergymen who refused to subscribe to the "Act of Conformity passed in 1662, and was therefore expelled from his benefice. He continued to preach as opportunity offered, in private dwellings, obscure neighborhoods, or forests, till 1687, when, the royal license being granted to worship without molestation, he resumed his public labors in a new church erected by his people. Most of his works, which are held in high esteem and have been many times reprinted, were composed during the period of his persecution. Husbandry Spiritualized is one of the most popular; among his other chief works are "A Treatise of the Soul of Man,"

"Divine Conduct," The Fountain of Life,"

"The Method of Grace," A Token for Mourners," etc. An edition in 6 vols. 8vo appeared in London in 1820;Select Works," 1833.