Broken Leg - Treatment

Pull on leg steadily and firmly until it is of same length as sound one. Roll up a coat or empty sack into form of a cushion; carefully place leg upon it; then bind two together with scarves or handker-chiefs. Do not lift patient from the ground until stretcher is close at hand. Take great pains by carefully lifting to prevent broken bone coming through skin.

Broken Thigh - Treatment

Take hold of ankle and by steady traction, pull limb to same length as sound one; another person must then tie knees together, and after-ward the ankles. Both limbs should then be laid over a sack of straw, or folded coat, so as to bend the knees. Patient should on no account be moved until stretcher or cart is close at hand. Send for a doctor then.

Broken Arm - Treatment

Pull arm to length of sound one. Apply splints, one outside and the other inside, binding them firmly on with cloth or handkerchiefs. The best splints are made by folding newspapers to necessary length, bind-ing them above and below seat of fracture; anything hard and light, of suitable size, would act equally well, for instance, wood, pasteboard, twigs, leather, etc. Send for a doctor then.

Broken Ribs - Treatment

Broken Ribs cause intense pain when patient breathes; bind roller towel firmly round chest, fastening with pins, or sewing. Send for a doctor.

Broken Collar Bone - Treatment

Bend arm over front of chest; place it in a sling; bind it in that position by scarf going round chest outside sling. Send for doctor then.