A man of 154 pounds weight contains 110 pounds of water, and 38 pounds of dry matter. Of the dry matter 28 pounds are organic, and 10 pounds are mineral matter. The blood of a fully grown and healthy man weighs, in a liquid state, about 20 pounds, consisting of about 15 2/3 pounds of water and 4 1/3 pounds of solid matter.

The Heart

The heart is six inches in length and four inches in diameter. It beats 70 times per minute. It forces out 2 1/2 ounces of blood at each beat; 10 pounds 15 ounces of blood per minute.

The Lungs

The lungs are inflated on an average of 19 times per minute; 1,140 times per hour. At each inspiration about 26 cubic inches of air are inhaled; 2 1/8 gallons of air per minute.