A covey of Partridges; a nide of Pheasants; a wish of Snipe; a bevy of Quails; a flight of Doves; a flight of Swallows; a muster of Peacocks; a siege of Herons; a building of Rooks; a brood of Grouse; a plump of Wild Fowls; a strand of Plovers; a watch of Nightingales; a clattering of Choughs; a flock of Geese; a cast of Hawks; a trip of Dottrell; a swarm of Bees; a school of Whales; a shoal of Herrings; a herd of Swine; a skulk of Foxes; a pack of Wolves; a drove of Oxen; a sounder of Hogs; a troop of Monkeys; a pride of Lions; a sleuth of Bears.