Where an assignment is made, the wages of the employees not exceeding $100 each, and for services rendered within sixty days previously and preferred claims, must be paid before other creditors.

In case of the death of an employer, wages for services rendered within sixty days next preceding the death, not exceeding $100, rank in priority next after the funeral expenses, expenses of the last sickness, the charges and expenses of administering upon the estate, and the allowance to the widow and infant children.

In case of execution, attachment, etc., employees having a claim for labor done, may give notice, with amounts, and sworn to, to the creditors and officers executing such writs, any time before the sale. Unless disputed, the officer will pay to such person, out of the proceeds of the sale, the amount the person is entitled to for services rendered within sixty days preceding the levy, not exceeding $100. If the claim is disputed the party claiming must begin action within ten days or be forever barred.

In case of dispute, the debtor or creditor shall, within ten days, serve upon the claimant and officer executing the writ, a sworn statement, in writing, denying such claim is justly due for services rendered within the sixty days next preceding the levy. If claimant brings suit which is disputed in part only, and fail to recover a sum exceeding that which was admitted to be due, he shall not recover costs.