Every citizen is entitled to inspect and copy public writings.

When an instrument consists partly of written words and partly of a printed form, and the two inconsistent, the former controls the latter.

The language of a writing is to be interpreted according to the meaning it bears in the place of its execution.

A married woman who is adjudged a sole trader is responsible and liable for the maintenance of her minor children.

The husband of a sole-trader is not liable for any debts contracted by her in the course of her sole-trader business, unless agreed by contract.

If original pleadings or papers be lost, the court may authorize a copy thereof to be filed and used in place of the original.

When debts are incurred by any person or his wife or family for the common necessaries of life, one half of his earnings for personal ser-vices rendered at any time within thirty days next preceding attach-ment or execution, are subject to execution, garnishment or attach-ment, to satisfy debts so incurred.

Legal holidays are every Sunday, the first day of January, 22d of February, 30th of May, 4th of July, and 25th of December.

If the 1st of January, 22d of February, 30th of May, 4th of July, or 25th of December fall on Sunday, the Monday following is a holiday. The day of the state elections, or by order of the President or Governor.