From front corners of the window have four arms. On same, place Swiss ribbed vests and drawers. Above these on either side have a semicircular arm made of wire, if you so desire, and extending to back corner of window. Same can be kept in place by fine wire from ceiling. Have vests on these semi-circles. From a point half way from front to back of window, and to the right and left of center of window, build an arched frame, of a height not exceeding six feet. Cover same with fancy vests. To form an arch use same kind of semi-circle of wire or brass rod, covering same with vests. Below arch in center of window, use a three-tier stand, as indicated. Drape same with hosiery. On background use vests. The finish across top of background can be obtained by use of lace. Cover floor of window with vests, and at intervals break the monotony of same by use of hosiery. In front and on either side of central stand have undervest box, open, with undervest exposed. On background have four arms which shall come out toward the columns of arch; on same drape hosiery.

To reproduce the above, necessitates having strong frame work at the back of window. The drapery is formed by attaching the cloth to stout semi-circles of wood, nailed to the window frame and drawn to a point at the bottom. The semi-circular board should not exceed three feet across. Those on the side should be of the same dimension. The cloth if tacked or pinned to the floor. The small pieces are draped over drums. [See Page 503]