A very handsome window display can be effected by means of stockings only, with little or no expense. Arrange a false bottom to the window by the use of pine boards, letting the back be considerably higher than the front, so as to be in a sloping position. Cover these boards over with some suitable black material. Cambric will answer the purpose very well. Upon this arrange white or light colored stockings in such a way as to spell out the sentence, " Bargains in Hosiery," or such other words as you may fancy. Care should be taken in pinning the stockings that none of the pins show. By using different sizes of stockings, the wording can be arranged without difficulty, while the effect will be most excellent. It is advisable to use white or light colored stockings, for then the contrast with the black ground is more apparent and striking. Neckwear, suspenders, gloves and handkerchiefs can be arranged in a similar manner with equally good results. Another plan is to cover the false bottom of window solidly with cotton batting, spread out smooth and even. The letters for the sign are then formed by removing the cotton from the proper lines and inserting bright-colored stockings puffed to imitate the letters made of tin foil.