If you please - gue'-tigst

Yes, Sir - yah, mine hair

Yes, Madam - yah, mad-am'

No, Sir - Nine, mine hair

No, Madam - Nine, Mad-am'

No, Miss - Nine, frau'-line

Do you speak German? - Sprechen ze doytsh?

I do not speak German - Ich sprehen nicht doytsh

I speak it a little - Ich sprechary et'-vas doytsh

I understand - Ich ferstay

Do you understand? - Ferstay'-en ze?

Can you understand? - Kenn'-nen ze ferstayen

You speak too fast - Ze sprechen tsoo shnell

What do you say? - Vas zah'-gen ze?

Do you understand me? - Ferstayen ze mich

I speak German - Ich sprach'-a Deutsh

What can we show you to-day? - Vass cann ich ene'-en hoy'-ta tsi'-gan?

How many yards? - We feel'-a ell'-en

How much do you want? - We feel voll'-en ze?

It will not fade - Es virt nicht ap-bli'-ken

Shall I send the linen home? - Zoll ich ene'-en de line'-vand ens haus shick'-en ?

What will you have? - Voss vin'-chen ze? Yard - ell'-a Yarn - garn or gahrn

Year - yar or yahr Yellow - gelp Yes - yah You - ze

Yesterday - ges'-tern Is it fast color? - Es ist ekt'-far-big?

This garment will fit you - Deez'-es klide virt Ine'-en pass'-en

It is two small - Es ist tzu kline It is too large - Es ist tzu gros

How is your health? - Ve-gate' es Ene'-en

Our prices are low - Un'-za-re pri'-sa zind bill'-ig

What do you call that? - Ve nen'nen ze das?

What is that in German? - Ve histe das owf doytsh?

What does that mean? - Vas histe das?

What is it good for? - Votso ist es goot?

Is it good? - Ist es goot?

Is it bad? - Ist es schlect?

I forgot it - Ich ha bay es vergos'sen

It is healthy weather - Es ist ga-zoon'des vetter

Christmas - Vy-nacht' en

Christmas eve - Vynachts a-bend'

New Year - Noiyar

New Year's day - Noiyarstagh

A new year - Ine noyes yar

On the first floor - Im ayersten stock

On the second floor - Im tsvi'ten stock

He is my friend - Air ist mine froind

The Earth.

The earth - dee air day

the fire - das foyer

the water - das vasser

the steam - dair strome

the sea - dee say

the weather - das vetter

tthe wind - dair vinnd

the rain - dair ra-'gan

he storm - dair stoorm

the frost - -dair frost

the winter - dair vinter

the snow - dair shnay

the ice - das ice

the morning - dair morgan

the day - dair tagh

the midday - dair mit'tagh

the night - dee nacht

the moon - dair mond

the sun - dee sounai

the star - dair stairn

the year - das yahr

the rainwater - das ro'-gan-vasser

the winter weather - das vinter vetter

the summer weather - das sommer-


The merchant - dair kowf man

the shop - dair lah'den

the counting-house - das cong'twor

the merchandize - dee vah' ray

the wholesale merchant - dair


the retailer - dair kline'hendler

the stock - das lah'ger

the daybook - das joor'nal

the ledger - das howpt'boo^

the cash book - das cassa'boorA

the invoice - de fac'toor

the receipt - dee quit'dong

the debtor - dair fer'koyfer

the creditor - dair cre'deetor

the correspondent - dair correspon-