The father - dair fah'ter

the grandfather - dair gros-fah' ter

the step-father - dair stelf-fah' ter

the fatherland - day fah' ter-land

the mother - dee moo'ter

the brother - dair broo' der

the sister - dee shwester

the uncle - dair onkel

the aunt - tahn'tay

the nephew - dair neffay

the niece - the nichtay

the girl - das maid' chen

the man - dair mahn

the young man - dair youngay mahn

the old man - dair altay mahn

the friend - dair

friend the boy - dair k'nah'

boy the child - das kind

the parents - dee el' tern

the brother-in-law - dair shua'ger

the wedding - dee hoch'zite the

father-in-law - dair shee'gayr-fater

the mother-in-law - dair shee'gayr mooter