The clothes - dee klider

the coat - dair rock

the trowsers - dee hozen

the pocket - dee tashay

the buttons - dee kneupfay

the dressing-gown - dair shlafrok

the slippers - dee pantofeln

the drawers - dee oonterhosen

the stockings - dee strimpfay

the shirt - das hemd

the braces - dee hozentrayge

the waistcoat - dee vestay

the boot - dair steefel

the boot-jack - dair steefelnec^t

the cap - dee meeutzay

the gloves - dee handshooay

the handkerchief - das tashentooc^

the watch - dee oor

the umbrella - dair raygenshearm

the purse - dee beursay

the brush - dee beenrstay

the comb - dair kam

the apron - dee sheeurzay

the fan - dair fer^er

the dress - das klide

the petticoat - dair oonterrock

the stays - dair schneeurlibe

the veil - dair shlier

the powder - dee poouder

the soap - dee zifay

the tooth-powder - das tzaenpoolver