Feathers and downs of all kinds, not specially provided for in this act 10 per cent ad valorem. Manufactured articles of feathers and down including dressed and finished birds suitable for millinery ornaments, 50 per cent ad valorem.

Furs, dressed on the skin but not made up into articles, and furs not on the skin, prepared for hatters' use, 20 per cent ad valorem.

Glass beads, unthreaded, or unstrung, 10 per cent ad valorem.

Hair cloth, known as crinoline cloth, 8 cents per square yard.

Hair cloth, known as hair seating, 30 cents per square yard.

Hair, curled, suitable for beds and mattresses, 15 p. c. ad valorem.

Manufactures of bone, chip, grass, horn, India-rubber, palm-leaf, straw, weeds of whalebone, not specially provided for in this act, 30 p. c.

Matting made of cocoa-fibre or rattan, 12c. per sq. yd.; mats made of same, 8c. per sq. foot.

Plush, black, known commercially as hatters' plush, composed of silk or silk and cotton, and used exclusively for making men's hats, 10 p. c.

Umbrellas, parasols and sunshades, covered with silk or alpaca, 55 p. c; if covered with any other material 40 p. c.

Handles for umbrellas, parasols and sunshades, if plain 35 p. c; if carved, 50 p. c.