Acidulated Drops. There are two methods of preparation. The first is the plan recommended in the Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia ; the second that adopted by confectioners. - 1. Take of tartaric acid a quarter of an ounce, white sugar eight ounces, and beating them to a fine powder in a mortar, add oil of lemon ten drops, mix thoroughly, beating into a mass with strong gum water; then form into lozenges, which must be put aside to dry. - 2. Pound and sift eight ounces of double refined sugar, and put it into a clean pan, and add gradually as much water as will render the sugar sufficiently moist not to stick to the stirring-spoon. The pan, which should not be more than three parts tilled with the sugar-paste thus made, should be placed on a small stove or slow fire, and the contents carefully stirred with a bone spatula, or paper-knife, and watched till it nearly boils. The pan then being removed from the fire, a quarter of an ounce of tartaric acid may be stirred in, till a com-plete mixture is effected. Place it upon the fire again for half a minute, and then, with a spoon or wire dipping out small quantities from the pan, let them fall as drops upon it clean tin plate; in two hours the drops should be loosened with the blade of a knife, and will be ready lor use in twenty-four hours.