Barley. In its prepared state of pearl-barley, it is a most useful adjunct to the medical practitioner; its decoction, commonly called barley-water, is an agreeable and efficacious demulcent in affections of the mucous membrane, and a grateful and nutritious beverage in fevers J for the former purpose it is required much thicker than for the latter. The following is a good recipe for making plain barley-water: Take 2k ounces of pearl-barley, wash it, and boil for a short time in half a pint of water, which pour off and throw away ; then pour in four pints of hot water, boil down to two pints, and strain. This is an excellent diluent drink in fevers; it is very soothing for inflamed mucous surfaces, especially those of the urinary organs; it may be rendered more pleasant and useful as a fever drink by the addition of a few slices of lemon. If a laxative is required, the compound decoction, prepared as follows, may be given : Sliced figs and stoned raisins of each 2 1/2 ounces; bruised liquorice-root 4 drachms; water 1 pint; barley-water, as above, 2 pints; boil down to a quart and strain. The demulcent properties of either of the above formulas may be increased by the addition of an ounce of gum-arabic to each pint of the liquor. As a food for infants brought up by hand, simple barley-water and milk, equal proportions, sweetened with a little refined sugar, has been recommended ; care should be taken to stop it, if the bowels should become relaxed with this diet. Gruel, for children, may be made of the pearl-barley, or Robinson's prepared groats; for most, however, this diet, as a continuance, will be found too heating.

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A Barley Pudding, good for invalids, may be made as follows : Add to 4 table spoonfuls of prepared barley sufficient cold milk to form a thin paste; pour on it a quart of boiling milk, then add a small slice of butter, a tablespoonful of powdered lump sugar, sufficient lemon-peel to flavour it, and two eggs, previously well beaten up ; mix well, and let the whole bake for an hour and a half in a slow oven. This is very nutritious and easy of digestion ; it may be rendered more palateable to some by "the addition of a slice or two of lemon.