Beetle Traps. A very simple and inexpensive snare may be constructed at home in the following manner : - Cut four or five pieces of paste-board, or strips of wood, and lay them slanting against the sides of an ordinary basin, as in the figure. Pour into the basin (taking care not to soil the sides, which must be perfectly clean and bright) a mixture of treacle and water, or beer and sugar. The cockroaches will be attracted by the syrup, and walking up the roadways made for them, fall headlong into the basin. Several of these traps being set night after night will ultimately put the whole of the insects in the housewife's power. Another plan, which may be pursued simultaneously with the above, is to place a few lumps of quicklime where the cockroaches frequent - about the hearth. Care must be taken, however, that children and ignorant persons do not burn their fingers with this substance. The beetle-wafers sold in the shops to poison "black-beetles" are made by mixing equal weights of flour, sugar, and red-lead; but these wafers are liable to be picked up and sucked by children, and are therefore objectionable.

Beetle Traps 35