Fur Clothing. It is very ancient. The method of manufacturing wool into articles of clothing seems to have been early transplanted into Greece, and thence to Italy, as we find the use of raw skins accounted by each of these nations a sign of barbarism. It appears that neither of them in the time of their prosperity, when the arts and sciences were cultivated among them, made much use of fur clothing. It. was worn at that period only on certain festivals (the Bacchae clothed themselves in fox-skins), and merely by the poorer classes and rustics; or employed in the time of war. The ancient physicians make no mention of furs ; and Suetonius, in describing the winter clothing of Augustus, who was extremely sensible of cold, does not name any articles of fur. Pliny relates an unsuccessful attempt to manufacture the fur of the hare, which would scarcely have been made had the skin been used in its natural state. It is worthy of remark, that, in the 27th chapter of Ezekiel, where the merchandise of Tyre is so minutely described, no allusion is made to furs.