Gas. Gas was first evolved from coal by Dr. Clayton, in 1739. Its application to purposes of illumination was first tried by Mr. Murdoch, in Cornwall, in 1792. Sir Humphrey Davy, also a Cornishman, stated his opinion before a committee of the House of Commons, that it would be impracticable to light London with gas. We see his error. The first display of gas-lights was made at Boulton and Watt's foundry, in Birmingham, on the occasion of the rejoicings for peace, in 1802. In 1805, gas was permanently used, to the exclusion of lamps and candles, at the cotton mills of Phillips and Lee, Manchester, where 1,000 burners were lighted, 1805. Gas lights were first introduced into London, at Golden Lane, August 16th, 1807; Pail Mall, 1809; and were general throughout London in 1814. Gas lights were first introduced into New York in 1824.