Paint (To Remove The Smell Of). 1. Take three or four broad tubs (such, for instance, as hold about eight gallons), fill them with cold water, and put into each an ounce of vitriolic acid, which you can obtain from a druggist. place these tubs near the wainscot, in a newly painted room, This water will absorb and retain the effluvium of the paint. Next day fill the tubs with fresh water, and add to each another ounce of vitriolic acid. Repeat this a third day, and on the fourth the smell of the paint will not be perceptible. 2. Another Method : - A bundle of old dry hay, wetted and spread about, presents a multifarious absorbing surface for this, especially if not on the floor only, but over pieces of furniture which allow circulation of air, as chairs laid upon their faces, etc. Large vessels of water, as trays and pans, are not uncommonly used with good effect; but the multiplied surfaces of the loose hay give it great advantage. It must be kept wet, however, or at least damp, for the oily vapour does not seem to be readily absorbed unless the air is kept moist by evaporation.