Casks (To Sweeten). 1. When musty it is best to unhead large casks and whitewash them with quicklime. Or they may be matched with sulphur mixed with a little nitrate of potash, and afterwards well washed. Small casks may be sweetened by washing them first with sulphuric acid and then with clean water : afterwards let them be well swilled, until the foul smell disappears. Or, 2. Having first scalded it well with boiling water (letting the water stand in it till cold), fill it with cold water, and throw in a large quantity of live coals from a wood fire, leaving the cask uncovered. By repeating this, the cask may be made perfectly sweet, provided that it has at no time contained fish. A fish barrel can never be used for any other purpose, as it is impossible to expel the taste and smell of the fish. Scalding an old cask repeatedly in strong lye. and then with clear water, will generally sweeten it; so will boiling water in which, potash and lime have been dissolved.