Jasper is a sort of precious stone, chiefly opaque, but sometimes transparent in certain parts, not very different from agate. The florid jasper, found in the Pyrenees, is Usually stained with various colours. The most beautiful is that bordering on the colour of lake or purple; next to that, the carnation ; but what is now most valued is the 6anguine jasper, being green spotted with red. That in which the red is paler, is called heliotrope. All the varieties of jasper consist of silex, alumina and iron ; they are hard, susceptible of a high polish, become harder on being exposed to fire, and occur of a red, green, yellow, brown, purple, grey, blackish and variegated colours. In some jaspers, nature seems to have amused herself in representing trees, animals, land-scapes, etc. as if they were painted.