Carpets (Management Of). Previous to laying down a carpet, cover the joints of the floor with stripes of brown paper; this will prevent the dust from rising between the boards. Take up your carpets frequently, and have them shaken and afterwards drawn along the surface of a lawn or meadow, to remove the dust. If a carpet is kept down too long the dust passes through it, and assists to wear it out by grinding the under surface. If you want to clean a carpet well, put one-third of a bullock's gall into a pint of water, and scrub the carpet with it, after it is nailed down: if the carpet is not nailed down it will shrink. If you are not particular about the pattern of your carpet, or, in fact, more disposed to study its durability than ornamentation, choose one with small figures in it, because the two webs are closer interwoven than in the large patterned carpets.