French Horn

French Horn. This is no other than a contorted or wreathed trumpet. It labours under the same delects as the trumpet itself; but these have of late been so palliated as to require no particular selection of keys for this instrument. The Hebrews made use of horns, formed of rams' horns, to proclaim the jubilee. This instrument is of great sweetness, and possessed of a range of three octaves.

Musical Instruments 3 383


Cornet-A-Pistons. An instrument of the horn kind, furnished with several pistons for the modulation of the notes. The cornet-a-pistons has of late been much improved, and is decidedly the softest and most agreeable brass wind instrument in existence.


Clarion. A kind of trumpet whose tube is narrower, and its tone acuter and shriller, than that of the common trumpet. It is said that the clarion, now used among the Moors, and Portuguese, who borrowed it from the Moors, served anciently for a treble to several trumpets, which sounded bass tenor.

Fife, Or Fiffaro

Fife, Or Fiffaro. A shrill instrument of martial music, consisting of a short narrow tube with holts disposed along the side, and blown at the side like a German flute.


Clarionet. A wind instrument of the reed kind, with a mouth-piece, the scale of which, though it includes every semitone ; within its extremes, is virtually defective, some additional keys have lately been added to this instrument to improve it.