Signification Of Christian Names. Aaron, Hebrew, a mountain. Abel, Heb. vanity. Abraham, Heb. the father of many. Absalom, Heb. the father's peace. Achilles, Greek, a freer from pain. Adam, Heb. red earth. Adolphus, Saxon, happiness and help. Adrian, Latin, a helper. Alfege, Sax. always merry. Alan, British, swift like a greyhound. Albert, Sax. all bright. Aldred, Sax. the dread of all. Alexander, Gr. a helper of men. Alfred, Sax. all peace. Alfric, German, all rich. Alphonso, Gothic, our help. Alwin, Sax. winning all. Ambrose, Gr. immortal. Amos, Heb. a burden. Andrew, Gr. courageous. Andronicus, Gr. a conqueror of men. Anselm, Ger. a defender. Anthony, Lat. flourishing. Apelles, Gr. not black at all. Archibald, Ger. a bold observer. Arnold, Ger. a maintainor of honour. Arthur, Brit, a strong man.

Signification Of Christian Names 535

Baldwin, Ger. a bold winner. Bardulph, Ger. a famous helper. Barnaby, Heb. a prophet's son. Bartholomew, Heb. the son of him who made the waters to rise. Basil, Gr. kindly. Beaumont, French, a pretty mount. Bede, Sax. prayer. Bevis, Fr. fair to look upon. Benjamin, Heb. the son of a right hand. Bennet, Lat. blessed. Bernard, Ger. bear's heart. Bertram, Ger. fair, illustrious. Blaise, Gr. sprouting forth. Buonaventure, Italian, good adventure. Boniface, Lat. a well-doer. Brian, Fr. having a thundering voice. Cadwallader, Brit, valiant in war. Caesar, Lat adorned with hair. Caleb, Heb. a dog. Cecil, Lat. dim-sighted. Charles, Ger. noble-spirited. Christopher, Gr. bearing Christ. Clement, Lat. mild-tempered. Conrad, Ger. able counsel. Constantine, Lat. resolute. Crispin, Lat. having curled locks. Cuthbert, Sax. known famously. Daniel, Heb. God is judge. David, Heb. well-beloved.

Demetrius, Gr. sprung from the earth.

Denis, Gr. belonging to the god of wine.

Dunstan, Sax. most high.

Edgar, Sax. happy honour.

Edmund, Sax. happy peace.

Edward, Sax. happy keeper.

Edwin, Sax. happy conqueror.

Egbert, Sax. ever bright.

Eleazar. Heb. the God of help.

Eldred, Sax. terrible.

Elijah, Heb. God, the Lord.

Elisha, Heb. the salvation of God.

Emmanuel, Heb. God with us.

Enoch, Heb. instructed or dedicated.

Ephraim, Heb. fruitful.

Erasmus, Gr. lovely, worthy to be loved

Ernest, Gr. earnest, serious.

Esau, Heb. completed.

Ethelbald, Sax. nobly bold.

Ethelbert, Sax. nobly bright.

Ethelfred, Sax. noble peace.

Ethelfred, Sax. noble in counsel.

Ethelstan, Sax. a noble jewel.

Ethelwald, Sax. a noble keeper.

Ethelwold, Sax. a noble governor.

Evan, or Ivon, Brit, the same as John.

Everard, Ger. well reported.

Eugene, Gr. nobly descended.

Eusebius, Gr. religious.

Eustace, Gr. standing firm.

Ezekiel, Heb. the strength of God.

Ezra, Heb. a helper.

Felix, Lat. happy.

Ferdinand, Ger. pure peace.

Fortunatus, Lat. happy.

Francis, Ger. free.

Frederic, Ger. rich peace.

Gabriel, Heb. the strength of God.

Geoffrey, Ger. joyful.

George, Gr. a husbandman.

Gerard, Sax. all towardliness.

German, Lat. a near kinsman.

Gervase, Ger. all sure.

Gideon, Heb. a breaker.

Gilbert, Sax. bright as gold.

Giles, Gr. a little goat.

Goddard, Ger. a godly disposition.

Godfrey, Ger. God's peace.

Godwin, Ger. victorious in God.

Griffith, Brit, having great faith.

Guy, Fr. the misletoe shrub.

Hannibal, Funic, a gracious lord.

Harold, Sax. a champion.

Hector, Gr. a stout defender.

Henry, Ger. a rich lord.

Herbert, Ger. a bright lord.

Hercules, Gr. the glory of Hera or June,

Hezekiah, Heb. cleaving to the Lord.

Hilary, Lat. merry, cheerful.

Horatio, Ital. worthy to be beheld,

Howel, Brit, sound, or whole.

Hubert, Ger. a bright colour.

Hugh, Butch, high, lofty.

Humphrey, Ger. domestic peace.

Jacob, Heb. it supplanter

James, or Jacques, beguiling.

Ingram, Ger. of angelic purity.

Joab, Heb. fatherhood.

Job, Heb. sorrowing.

Joel, Heb. acquiescing.

John, Heb. the grace of the Lord.

Jonah, Heb. a dove.

Jonathan, Heb. the gift of the Lord.

JoScelin, Ger. just.

Joseph, Hcb. addition.

Josias, Heb. the tire of the Lord.

Joshua. Heb. a Saviour.

Isaac, Heb. laughter.

Israel, Heb. prevailing with God.

Judah, Heb. confession.

Kenard, Sax. of a kind nature.

Kenelm, Sax. a defence of his kindred.

Lambert, sax. a fair lamb.

Lancelot, Span, a little lance.

Laurence, Lat. crowned with laurels.

Lazarus, Heb. destitute of help.

Leonard, Ger. like a lion.

Leopold, Ger. defending the people.

Lewellin, Brit like a lion.

Lewis, Fr. the defender of the people.

Lionel, Lat. a little lion.

Lodowic, Sax. the defence of the people

Lucius, Lat. shining.

Luke, Gr. a wood or grove.

Malachi, Heb. my messenger.

Mark, Lat. a hammer.

Marmaduke, Ger. a mighty duke or lord.

Martin, Lat. martial

Matthew, Heb. a gift or present.

Maurice, Lat. sprung of a Moor.

Meredith, Brit, the roaring of the sea.

Michael, Heb. who is like God.

Morgan, Brit, a mariner.

Moses. Heb. drawn out.

Narcissus. Gr. a daffodil.

Nathaniel, Heb. the gift of God.

Neal. Fr. somewhat black.