Nicolas, Gr. victorious over the people.

Noel, Fr. belonging to one's nativity.

Norman, Fr. one born in Normandy.

Obadiah, Heb. the servant of the Lord.

Oliver, Lat. an olive.

Orlando, Ital. counsel for the land.

Osmund, Sax. house peace.

Oswald, Sax. ruler of a house.

Owen. Brit, well descended.

Patrick, Lat. a nobleman.

Paul. Lat. small, little.

Percival, Fr. a place in France.

Peregrine, Lat. outlandish.

Peter, Gr. a rock or stone.

Philemon, Gr. saluting.

Philip, Gr. a lover of horses.

Phineas, Heb. of hold countenance.

Ptolemy, Or. mighty in war.

Quintin, Lat. belonging to five.

Ralph,contracted from Radolph, or

Randal, or Ranulph, Sax. pure help.

Raymond, Ger. quiet peace.

Reuben, Heb. the son of vision.

Reynold, Ger. a lover of purity.

Richard, Sax powerful.

Robert, Ger. famous in counsel.

Roger, Ger. strong counsel.

Rowland, Ger. counsel for the land.

Rufus, Lat. reddish.

Solomon, Heb. peaceable.

Samson, Heb. a little son.

Samuel, Heb. heard by God.

Saul, Heb. desired.

Sebastian, Gr. to be reverenced.

Simeon, Heb. hearing.

Simon, Heb. obedient.

Stephen, Gr. a crown or garland.

Swirhin, Sax. very high.

Thaddeus, Syriac, a breast.

Theobald, Sax bold over the people.

Theodore, Gr. the gift of God.

Theodosius, Gr. given of God.

Theophilus, Gr. a lover of God. -.

Thomas, Heb. a twin.

Thurstan, Ger. faithful.

Timothy, Gr. a fearer of God.

Toby or Tobias, Heb. the goodness of the

Lord. Tristram, Lat. sorrowful. Valentine, Lat powerful. Vincent, Lat. conquering. Vivian, Lat. living. Urban, Lat. courteous. Walter, Ger. a wood-master. Walwin, Ger. a conqueror. William, Ger. defending many. Zaccheus, Syriac, innocent. Zarhary, Heb. remembering the Lord. Zebedee, Syriac, having an inheritance. Zedekiah, Heb. the justice of the Lord.

Abigail, Heb. the father's joy.

Ade ine, Ger. a princess.

Agatha, Gr. good.

Agnes, Ger. chaste.

Alethea, Gr. the truth.

Althea, Gr. hunting.

Alice, Alicia, Ger. noble.

Amy, Amelia, Fr. a beloved.

Anna, Anne, or Hannah, Heb. gracious,

Arabella, Lot. a fair altar.

Aureola, Lat. like gold

Barbara, Lat. foreign or strange.

Beatrice, Lat. making happy.

Benedicta, Lat. blessed.

Bernice, Gr. bringing victory.

Bertha, Gr. bright or famous.

Blanche, Fr. fair.

Bona, Lat. good.

Bridget, Irish, shining bright.

Cassandra, Gr. a reformer of men

Catharine, Gr. pure or clean.

Charity, Gr. love, bounty.

Charlotte, Fr. all noble.

Caroline, feminine of Carolus, the Latin of Charles, noble-spirited. Chloe, Gr. a green herb. Christiana, Gr. belonging to Christ. Cecilia, Lat. from Cecil. Cicely, a corruption of Cecilia. Clara, Lat. clear or bright. Constance, Lat. constant. Damaris, Gr. a little wife. Deborah, Heb. a bee Diana, Gr. Jupiter's daughter, Dorcas, Gr. a wild roe. Dorothy, Gr. the gift of God. Drusilla. Gr. dewy eyes. Dulsabella, Lat sweet and fair. Edith, Sax. happiness. Eleanor, Sax. all fruitful. Eliza, Elizabeth, Heb. the oath of God. Emily, corrupted fr om Amelia. Emma, Ger. a nurse. Esther, Hesther, Heb. secret. Eve, Heb. causing life. Eunice, Gr. fair victory. Eudoia, Gr. prospering in the way. Frances, Ger. free. Gertrude, Ger. all truth. Grace, Lat. favour. Hagar, Heb. a stranger. Helena, Gr. alluring. Jane, softened from Joan ; or, Janne, the feminine of John. Janet, Jeannette, little Jane. Joyce, Fr. pleasant. Isabella, Span, fair Eliza. Judith, Heb. praising. Julia. Juliana, feminine of Julius. Kunigunda, Ger. the king's favour. Lettice, Letitia, Lat. joy or gladness. Lois, Gr. better.

Lucretia, Lat. a chaste Roman lady. Lucy, Lat-feminine of Lucius. Lydia, Gr. descended from Lud. Mabel, Lat. lovely.

Magdalene, Maudlin,Syr. magnificent. Margaret, Ger. a pearl. Martha, Heb. bitterness. Mary, Heb. bitter.

Maud, Matilda, Gr. a lady of honour. Millicent. Fr. sweet as honey. Mercy, Eng. compassion. Mildred, Sax. speaking mild. Nest, Brit, the same as Aqnes. Nicola, Gr. feminine of Nicolas,

Olympia, Gr. heavenly.

Orabilis, Lat. to be entreated.

Parneli; or Petronilla, little Peter.

Patience, Lat. bearing patiently.

Paulina, Lat. feminine of paulinus

Penelope, Gr. a. turkey.

Persis, Gr a destroying.

Philadelphia, Gr. brotherly love.

Philippa, Gr. feminine of Philip,

Phoebe, Gr. the light of life.

Phyllis, Gr. a green bough.

Priseilla, Lat. somewhat old.

Prudence, Lat. discretion.

Psyche, (Jr. the soul.

Rachel, Heb. a lamb.

Rebecca, Heb. fat or plump.

Rhoda, Or. a rose.

Rosamond, Sax. rose of peace.

Rosa, Lat. a rose.

Rosecleer, Eng. a fair rose.

Rosabella, Ital. a fair rose.

Ruth, Heb. trembling.

Sabina, Lat. sprung from the Sabines,

Salome, Heb. perfect.

Sapphira, Gr. like a sapphire stone.

Sarah, Heb. a princess.

Sybilla, Gr. the counsel of God.

Sophia, Gr. wisdom.

Sophronia, Gr. of a sound mind.

Susan, Susanna, Heb. a lily.

Tabitha, Syr. a roe.

Temperance, Lat. moderation.

Theodosia, Gr. given by God.

Tryphosa, Gr. delicious.

Tryphena, Gr. delicate.

Vida, Erse, feminine of David,

Ursula, Lat. a female bear.

Walburg, Sax. gracious.

Winifred, Sax. winning peace.

Zenobia, Gr. the life of Jupiter.