Turmeric. Is a medicinal root, used likewise by the dyers, to give a yellow colour. It is not unlike ginger, either in figure or size. It is yellow both externally and internally, and very hard. Madagascar yields it; it is also brought from the Last and West Indies. Choose that which is resinous, new, hard to break, heavy and big. The yellow root, as it grows old, turns brown, and for want of attending to this, some have supposed that the red and brown were of different kinds. It is much used by the glovers to dye their gloves. The Indians use it to dye their rice, and other foods, of a yellow colour; whence some call it Indian saffron. Our dyers do not find that it gives so steady a yellow as the luteola or weld; but it is admirable to brighten and heighten the red colours dyed with cochineal or vermilion, as scarlet, etc. Turmeric is used in medicine by way of decoction, infusion, powder, etc. It is held a sort of specific in the jaundice and dropsy.