Weights Of Measures. The following table of the number of pounds of various articles to a bushe., may be of interest to our readers:

Of wheat, sixty pounds; of shelled corn, fifty-six pounds; of corn, on the cob, seventy pounds ; of rye, fifty-six pounds; of oats, thirty-six pounds; of barley, forty pounds ; of potatoes, sixty pounds ; of bran, twenty pounds; of clover-seed, sixty pounds; of timothy-seed, forty-five pounds; of flaxseed, forty-five pounds; of hemp-seed, forty-four pounds ; of buckwheat, fifty-two pounds; of blue grass-seed, fourteen pounds ; of castor beans, forty-six pounds; of dried peaches, thirty-three pounds ; of dried apples, twenty-four pounds ; of onions, fifty-seven pounds of salt, fifty pounds.

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