Place in a kettle 4 pounds of sugar, 3 pounds of glucose, and 1.5 pints of water; when it boils drop in a piece of butter half the size of an egg and about 2 ounces of paraffine wax. Cook to 262°, pour on a 6lab, and when cool enough, pull, flavor, and color if you wish. Pull until light, then spin out on the table in strips about 3 inches wide and cut into 4- or 4.5-inch lengths. Then wrap in wax paper for the counter. This taffy keeps long without being grained by the heat.

Chewing Candy

Place 20 pounds of sugar in a copper pan, add 20 pounds of glucose, and enough water to easily dissolve the sugar. Set on the fire or cook in the steam pan in 2 quarts of water. Have a pound of egg albumen soaked in 2 quarts of water. Beat this like eggs into a very stiff froth, add gradually the sugar and glucose; when well beaten up, add 5 pounds of powdered sugar, and beat at very little heat either in the steam beater or on a pan of boiling water until light, and does not stick to the back of the hand, flavor with vanilla, and put in trays dusted with fine sugar. When cold it may be cut, or else it may be stretched out on a. sugar-dusted table, cut, and wrapped in wax paper. This chewing candy has to be kept in a very dry place, or else it will run and get sticky.

Montpelier Cough Drops

Brown sugar........ 10 pounds

Tartaric acid........ 2 ounces

Cream of tartar...... 0.5 ounce

Water............... 1.5 quarts

Anise-seed flavoring, quantity sufficient. Melt the sugar in the water, and when at a sharp boil add the cream of tartar. Cover the pan for 5 minutes. Remove the lid and let the sugar boil up to crack degree. Turn out the batch on an oiled slab, and when cool enough to handle mold in the acid and flavoring. Pass it through the acid drop rollers, and when

the drops are chipped up, and before sifting, rub some icing with them.

Medicated Cough Drops

Light-brown sugar. . . 14 pounds

Tartaric acid........ 1.5 ounces

Cream of tartar...... 0.5 ounce

Water.............. 2 quarts

Anise-seed, cayenne, clove, and peppermint flavoring, a few drops of each. Proceed as before prescribed, but when sufficiently cool pass the batch through the acid tablet rollers and dust with sugar.