Brush over the entire back of the label with a flour paste, fold the label loosely by sticking both ends together without creasing the center, and throw to one side until this process has been gone through with the whole lot. Then unfold each label and place it on the can in the regular manner. The paste ought not to be thicker than maple syrup. When of this consistency it soaks through the label and makes it pliable and in a condition to be easily rubbed into position. If the paste is too thick it dries quickly, and does not soak through the label sufficiently. After the labels have been placed upon the cans the latter must be

kept apart until dry. In putting the paste upon the labels in the first place, follow the method of placing the dry labels over one another, back sides up, with the edge of each just protruding over the edge of the one beneath it, so that the fingers may easily grasp the label after the pasting has been done.

Druggists' Label Paste

This paste, when carefully made, is an admirable one for label use, and a very little will go a long way:

Wheat flour........ 4 ounces

Nitric acid......... 1 drachm

Boric acid..........   10 grains

Oil of cloves....... 5 drops

Carbolic acid....... 0.5 drachm

Stir flour and water together, mixing thoroughly, and add the other ingredients. After the stuff is well mixed, heat it, watching very carefully and removing the instant it stiffens.

To Attach Glass Labels To Bottles

Melt together 1 part of rosin and 2 parts of yellow wax, and use while warm.