Place in a cylindrical bottle the following liquids in the order named:

First, sulphuric acid, tinted blue with indigo; second, chloroform; third, glycerine, slightly' tinted with caramel; fourth, castor oil, colored with alkanet root; fifth, 40-per-cent alcohol, slightly tinted with aniline green; sixth, cod-liver oil, containing 1 per cent of oil of turpentine. The liquids are held in place by force of gravity, and alternate with fluids which are not miscible, so that the strata of layers are clearly defined and do not mingle by diffusion.


Chromic acid...... 1 drachm

Commercial "muriatic" acid........ 2 ounces

Nitric acid......... 2 ounces

Water, enough to

make........... 3 gallons

The color is magenta. The following makes a fine pink for show carboys:


Cobalt oxide........ 2 parts

Nitric acid, c. p...... 1 part

Hydrochloric acid___ 1 part

Mix and dissolve, and to the solution add:

Strongest water of

ammonia......... 6 parts

Sulphuric acid....... 1 part

Water, distilled, q. s.

to make.......... 400 parts

This should be left standing in a dark, cool place for at least a month before putting in the window.


Green.—Copper sulphate, 300 parts, by weight; hydrochloric acid, 450 parts, by weight; distilled water, to 4,500 parts, by weight.


Blue.—Copper sulphate, 480 parts, by weight; sulphuric acid, 60 parts, by weight; distilled water, to 450 parts, by weight.


Yellowish Brown. — Potassium dichroinate, 120 parts, by weight; nitric acid, 150 parts, by weight; distilled water, to 4,500 parts, by weight.


Yellow.—Potassium dichromate, 30 parts, by weight; sodium bicarbon-

ate, 225 parts, by weight; distilled water, to 4,500 parts, by weight.


Red.—Liquid ferric chloride, officinal, 60 parts, by weight; concentrated ammonium-acetate solution, 120 parts, by weight; acetic acid, 30 per cent, 30 parts, by weight; distilled water, to 9,000 parts, by weight.


Crimson.—Potassium iodide, 7.5 parts, by weight; iodine, 7.5 parts, by weight; hydrochloric acid, 60 parts, by weight; distilled water, to 4,500 parts, by weight.

All the solutions IV to IX should be filtered. If distilled water be used these solutions should keep for five to ten years. In order to prevent them from freezing, either add 10 per cent of alcohol, or reduce the quantity of water by 10 per cent.

A Cheap And Excellent Warming Bottle

Mix sodium acetate and sodium hyposulphate in the proportion of 1 part of the former to 9 parts of the latter, and with the mixture fill an earthenware bottle about three-quarters full. Close the vessel well with a cork and place it either in hot water or in the oven, and let remain until the salts within melt. For at least a half day the jug will radiate its beat, and need only be well shaken from time to time to renew its heat-giving energy.

Bottle Deodorizer

Powdered black mustard seed is successfully employed. Pour a little of it with some lukewarm water into the receptacle, rinsing it afterwards with water. If necessary, repeat the process.