This differs from the ordinary lager beer in that it contains wheat malt. The proportions are 2/3 wheat to 1/3 barley malt, 1 pound hops being used with a peck of the combined malt to each 20 gallons of water. A good deal depends on the yeast, which must be of a special kind, the best grades being imported from Germany.

Yellow Coloring For Beverages

The coloring agents employed are fustic, saffron, turmeric, quercitron, and the various aniline dyes. Here are some formulas:


Saffron.......... 1 ounce

Deodorized alcohol ........... 4 fluidounces

Distilled water. .. 4 fluidounces Mix alcohol and water, and then add the saffron. Allow the mixture to stand in a warm place for several days, shaking occasionally; then filter. The tincture thus prepared has a deep orange color, and when diluted or used in small quantities gives a beautiful yellow tint to syrups, etc.


Ground fustic

wood......... 1.5 ounces

Deodorized alcohol ........... 4 fluidounces

Distilled water. . . 4 fluidounces This color may be made in the same manner as the liquid saffron, and is a fine coloring for many purposes.


Turmeric powder.... 2 ounces

Alcohol, dilute..... 16 ounces

Macerate for several days, agitating frequently, and filter. For some beverages the addition of this tincture is not to be recommended, as it possesses a very spicy taste.

The nonpoisonous aniline dyes recommended for coloring confectionery, beverages, liquors, essences, etc., yellow are those known as acid yellow R and tropćolin 000 (orange I).