Neatsfoot oil.......     1      part

Cottonseed oil......     1      part

Petroleum oil......     1      part


Beeswax.......... 8 parts

Water............. 56 parts

Potassium carbonate 4 parts Dissolve the potash in 12 parts of water; heat together the wax and the remaining water till the wax is liquefied; then mix the two and boil together until a perfect emulsion is effected. Color, if desired, with a solution of annatto.

Ground-Laying Oil for Ceramics

Boil together until thoroughly incorporated 1 pint of linseed oil, 1 pint of dissolved gum mastic, 0.5 ounce of red lead, 0.5 ounce of rosin. In using mix with Venice turpentine.

Oil Suitable for Use with Gold

Heat and incorporate linseed oil, 1 quart; rape oil, 1 pint; Canadian balsam, 3 pints; rectified spirits of tar, 1 quart.

Wool Oil

These are usually produced by the distillation in retorts of Yorkshire grease and other greases. The distilled oil is tested for quality, and is brought down to 70 per cent or 50 per cent grades by the addition of a suitable quantity of mineral oil. The lower the quality of the grease used the lower is the grade of the resulting wool oil.