Bay oil...........   500

Naphthalene.....   100

Camphor........     60 Parts

Animal oil........     25 by


Bay oil, pressed. ..   400 weight

Naphthalene.....   100

Crude carbolic acid     10

For Dogs, Cats, etc

The following is an excellent powder for the removal of fleas from cats or dogs:

Naphthalene .... 4 av. ounces

Starch.......... 12 av. ounces

Reduce to fine powder. A few grains of lampblack added will impart a light gray color, and if desirable a few drops of oil of pennyroyal or eucalyptus will disguise the naphthalene odor.

Rub into the skin of the animal and let the powder remain for a day or two, when the same can be removed by combing or giving a bath, to which some infusion of quassia or quassia chips has been added. This treatment is equally efficient for lice and ticks.