Take 4.20 parts of crystallized citric acid; 2 parts

essence of lemons; 3 parts of alcohol of 96 per cent; 0.5 part calcium carbonate; 50 + 1/20 parts sodium phosphate, and 1/200 part calcium citrate, and dissolve the whole in sufficient water to make 60 parts.


Squeeze out the lemon juice, strain it to get rid of the seeds and larger particles of pulp, etc., heat it to the boiling point, let it cool down, add talc, shake well together and filter. If it is to be kept a long time (as on a sea voyage) a little alcohol is added.


This may be clarified by heating it either alone or mixed with a small quantity of egg albumen, in a suitable vessel, without stirring, to near the boiling point of water, until the impurities have coagulated and either risen to the top or sunk to the bottom. It is then filtered into clean bottles, which should be completely filled and closed (with pointed corks), so that each cork has to displace a portion of the liquid to be inserted. The bottles are sealed and kept at an even temperature (in a cellar). In this way the juice may be satisfactorily preserved.