Macerate the cut-up fresh peelings of 40 lemons and 30 China oranges in 8 quarts of alcohol and 2 quarts of water, for 2 or 3 days, then distil off 8 quarts. Every 100 parts of this distillate is mixed with 75 parts of citric acid dissolved in 200 parts of water, colored with a trace of orange and filtered through talc. Each 200 parts of the filtrate is then mixed with 2 quarts of syrup.


Twenty-five middle-sized lemons are thinly peeled, the peelings finely cut, and the whole, lemons and peels, put to macerate in a mixture of 3 pints 90 per cent alcohol and 5 quarts water. Let macerate for 24 hours. Add 10 drops lemon and 10 drops orange oil; then slowly distil off 4 quarts. The distillate will be turbid, but if left to stand in a cool, dark place for a week it will filter off clear, and should make a clear mixture with equal parts of water and simple syrup. If it does not, add with a pipette, drop by drop, sufficient alcohol to make it do so. Finally, dissolve in the mixture 4 drachms of vanillin, and color with a few drops of tincture of turmeric and a little caramel.


Peel thinly and lightly, 25 medium-sized fresh lemons and 1 orange, and cut the peelings into very small pieces. Macerate in 55 drachms 96 per cent alcohol, for 6 hours. Filter off the macerate without pressing. Dilute the filtrate with 3 pints water and set aside for eight days, shaking frequently. At

the end of this time filter. The filtrate is usually clear, and if so, add 4 drachms of vanillin. If not, proceed as in the second formula above.


Oil of lemon, select, 8 fluid-ounces; oil of lemon grass (fresh), 1 fluidrachm ; peel, freshly grated, of 12 lemons; alcohol, 7 pints; boiled water, 1 pint.

Mix and macerate for 7 days. If in a hurry for the product, percolate through the lemon peel and filter. The addition of any other substance than the oil and rind of the lemon is not recommended.


Fresh oil of lemon 64 parts Lemon peel (outer rind) freshly grated ....... 32 parts

Oil of lemon grass 1 part

Alcohol......... 500 parts

Mix, let macerate for 14 days, and filter.


Essence of lemon       1.75 ounces

Rectified spirit of wine.........       6 ounces

Pure glycerine...       3 ounces

Pure phosphate calcium.......       4 ounces

Distilled water to make 1 pint.

Mix essence of lemon, spirit of wine, glycerine, and 8 ounces of distilled water, agitate briskly in a quart bottle for 10 minutes, and introduce phosphate of calcium and again shake. Put in a filter and let it pass through twice. Digest in filtrate for 2 or 3 days, add 1.5 ounces fresh lemon peel, and again filter.


Oil of lemon...... 6 parts

Lemon peel (freshly grated)...... 4 parts

Alcohol, sufficient.

Dissolve the oil of lemon in 90 parts of alcohol, add the lemon peel, and macerate for 24 hours. Filter through paper, adding through the filter enough alcohol to make the filtrate weigh 100 parts.


Exterior rind of                 

lemon....... 2 ounces

Alcohol, 95 per cent, deodorized 32 ounces

Oil of lemon, recent.......... 3 fluidounces

Expose the lemon rind to the air until perfectly dry, then bruise in a wedgwood mortar, and add it to the alcohol, agitating until the color is extracted; then add the lemon oil.