In order to make wrought iron look like new mix fine graphite with equal parts of varnish and turpentine oil, adding a little siccative. Paint the iron parts with this twice, allowing to dry each time. Especially the second coating must be perfectly dry before further treatment. The latter consists in preparing graphite with spirit and applying it very thinly over the first coat. After the drying or evaporation of the spirit the graphite last applied is brushed vigorously, whereby a handsome, durable gloss is produced.

Paint for Iron Bodies Exposed to Heat

Dilute 1 part soda water glass with 2 parts water and mix intimately with the following pigments:


White lead or sulphate of barium.


Chromate of barium, ocher, or uranium yellow.


Chromic oxide or ultramarine green.




Oxide of cadmium, oxide of manganese or terra di sienna.


English red or chrome red.

Bronze powder in a suitable quantity may be added to the mixture, but not more paint should be prepared than can be used up in a few hours. The bronze powder may also be strewn on the fresh ' paint, or applied with a dry brush, to enhance the gloss. This paint is not affected by heat, and is inodorous.