Cream of tartar........   120 parts

Pumice......   120 parts

Alum. .......     30 parts

Cochineal.. . .     30 parts

Bergamot oil.       3 parts

Clove.......       3 parts

Make to a thick paste  with honey or sugar.


Honey.......   250 parts

Precipitated chalk......   250 parts

Orris root.. ..   250 parts

Tincture of opium.....       7 parts

Tincture of myrrh.....       7 parts

Oil of rose...       2 parts

Oil of cloves..       2 parts

Oil of nutmeg 2 parts


Florentine orris ........ 6 parts

Magnesium carbonate.. 2 parts

Almond soap 12 parts

Calcium carbonate .... 60 parts

Thymol..... 1 part

Alcohol, quantity sufficient.

Powder the solids and mix. Dissolve the thymol in as little alcohol as possible, and add perfume in a mixture in equal parts of oil of peppermint, oil of clove, oil of lemon, and oil of eucalyptus. About 1 minim of each to every ounce of powder will be sufficient.


Myrrh, 10 parts; sodium chloride, 10 parts; soot, 5 parts; soap, 5 parts; lime carbonate, 500 parts.


Camphor, 5 parts; soap, 10 parts; saccharine, 0.25 parts; thymol, 0.5 parts; lime carbonate, 500 parts. Scent, as desired, with rose oil, sassafras oil, wintergreen oil, or peppermint oil.


Powdered camphor, 6 parts; myrrh, 15 parts; powdered Peruvian bark, 6 parts; distilled water, 12 parts; alcohol of 80° F., 50 parts. Macerate the powders in the alcohol for a week and then filter.


Soap, 1; saccharine. 0.025; thymol. 0.05; lime carbonate, 50; sassafras essence, enough to perfume.


Camphor, 0.5; soap, 1; saccharine, 0.025; calcium carbonate, 50; oil of sassafras, or cassia, or of gaultheria, enough to perfume.


Myrrh, 1; sodium chloride, 1; soap, 50; lime carbonate, 50; rose oil as required.


Precipitated calcium carbonate, 60 parts; quinine sulphate, 2 parts; saponine, 0.1 part; saccharine, 0.1 part; carmine as required; oil of peppermint, sufficient.


Boracic acid, 100 parts; powdered starch, 50 parts; quinine hydrochlorate, 10 parts; saccharine, 1 part; vanillin (dissolved in alcohol), 1.5 parts.