Black spirit lacquers are employed in the wood and metal industries. Different kinds are produced according to their use. They are called black Japanese varnishes, or black brilliant varnishes.

Black Japanese Varnish


Sculpture varnish, 5 parts; red acaroid varnish, 2 parts; aniline black, 0.25 part; Lyons blue, .0015 parts. If a sculpture varnish prepared with heated copal is employed, a black lacquer of especially good quality is obtained. Usually 1 per cent of oil of lavender is added.


Shellac............ 4 parts

Borax............. 2 parts

Glycerine.......... 2 parts

Aniline black....... 5 parts

Water............. 50 parts

Dissolve the borax in the water, add the shellac, and heat until solution is effected; then add the other ingredients. This is a mat-black varnish.

Varnish For Blackboards

For blackening these boards mix 0.5 liter (1.05 pints) good alcohol, 70 grams (1,080 grains) shellac, 6 grams (92 grains) fine lampblack, 3 grams (46 grains) fine chalk free from sand. If red lines are to be drawn, mix the necessary quantity of red lead in alcohol and shellac.