Cordials, according to the Spatula, are flavored liquors containing from 40 to 50 per cent of alcohol (from 52 to 64 fluidounces to each gallon) and from 20 to 25 per cent of sugar (from 25 to 32 ounces avoirdupois to each gallon).

Cordials, while used in this country to some degree, have their greatest consumption in foreign lands, especially in France and Germany.

Usually such mixtures as these are clarified or "fined" only with considerable difficulty, as the finally divided particles of oil pass easily through the pores of the filter paper. Purified talcum will be found to be an excellent clarifying medium; it should be agitated with the liquid and the liquid then passed through a thoroughly wetted filter. The filtrate should be returned again and again to the filter until it filters perfectly bright. Purified talcum being chemically inert is superior to magnesium carbonate and other substances which are recommended for this purpose.

When the filtering process is completed the liquids should at once be put into suitable bottles which should be filled and tightly corked and sealed. Wrap the bottles in paper and store away, laying the bottles on their sides in a moderately warm place. A shelf near the ceiling is a good place. Warmth and age improve the beverages, as it appears to more perfectly blend the flavors, so that the older the liquor becomes the better it is. These liquids must never be kept in a cold place, as the cold might cause the volatile oils to separate.

The following formulas are for the production of cordials of the best quality, and therefore only the very best of materials should be used; the essential oils should be of unquestionable quality and strictly fresh, while the alcohol must be free from fusel oil, the water distilled, and the sugar white, free from bluing, and if liquors of any kind should be called for in any formula only the very best should be used. The oils and other flavoring substances should be dissolved in the alcohol and the sugar in the water. Then mix the two solutions and filter clear.

Alkermes Cordial

Mace.......... 1.5 avoirdupois ounces

Ceylon cinnamon 1 and 1/8 avoirdupois ounces

Cloves.......... 3/4 avoirdupois ounce

Rose water

(best)........ 6 fluidounces

Sugar..........28 avoirdupois ounces

Deodorized alcohol.........52 fluidounces

Distilled water,

q. s.......... 1 gallon

Reduce the mace, cinnamon, and cloves to a coarse powder macerate with the alcohol for several days, agitating occasionally, then add the remaining ingredients, and filter clear.

Anise Cordial

Anethol.......... 7 fluidrachms

Oil of fennel seed.. 80 minims Oil of bitter

almonds........ 16 drops

Deodorized alcohol 8 pints

Simple syrup...... 5 pints

Distilled water, q. s. 16 pints Mix the oils and anethol with the alcohol and the syrup with the water; mix the two and filter clear, as directed.

Blackberry Cordial

This beverage is usually misnamed "blackberry brandy" or "blackberry wine." This latter belongs only to wines obtained by the fermentation of the blackberry juice. When this is distilled then a true blackberry brandy is obtained, just as ordinary brandy is obtained by distilling ordinary wines.

The name is frequently applied to a preparation containing blackberry root often combined with other astringents, but the true blackberry cordial is made according to the formulas given herewith. Most of these mention brandy, and this article should be good and fusel free, or it may be replaced by good whisky, or even by diluted alcohol, depending on whether a high-priced or cheap cordial is desired.


Fresh blackberry juice, 3 pints; sugar, 7.5 ounces; water, 30 fluidounces; brandy, 7.5 pints; oil of cloves, 3 drops; oil of cinnamon, 3 drops; alcohol, 6 fluidrachms. Dissolve the sugar in the water and juice, then add the liquor. Dissolve the oils in the alcohol and add 0.5 to the first solution, and if not sufficiently flavored add more of the second solution. Then filter.


Fresh blackberry juice, 4 pints; powdered nutmeg (fresh), 1 ounce; powdered cinnamon (fresh), 1 ounce; powdered pimento (fresh), 0.5 ounce; powdered cloves

(fresh), 0.5 ounce; brandy, 2.5 pints; sugar, 2.5 pounds. Macerate the spices in the brandy for several days. Dissolve the sugar in the juice and mix and filter clear.

Cherry Cordials


Oil of bitter almonds 8 drops

Oil of cinnamon..... 1 drop

Oil of cloves........ 1 drop

Acetic ether......... 12 drops

Ceuanthic ether..... 1 drop

Vanilla extract...... 1 drachm

Alcohol............ 3 pints

Sugar.............. 3 pounds

Cherry juice........ 20 ounces

Distilled water, q. s. . 1 gallon

The oils, ethers, and extracts must be dissolved in the alcohol, the sugar in part of the water, then mix, add the juice and filter clear. When the juice is not sufficiently sour, add a small amount of solution of citric acid. To color, use caramel.


Vanilla extract...... 10 drops

Oil of cinnamon..... 10 drops

Oil of bitter almonds. 10 drops

Oil of cloves........ 3 drops

Oil of nutmeg....... 3 drops

Alcohol............ 2.5 pints

Cherry juice........ 2.5 pints

Simple syrup........ 3 pints

Dissolve the oils in the alcohol, then add the other ingredients and filter clear. It is better to make this cordial during the cherry season so as to obtain the fresh expressed juice of the cherry.