Extract of Tea

It has been proposed to make an aqueous extract of the tea leaf, but the loss of flavor inevitably incident thereto would undoubtedly give an inferior beverage. From China a so-called tea extract has been imported, a black solid substance, with little perfume of tea about it. It is recommended as a medicine for cholera; it is an astringent.

Essence of Apples

Amyl valerianate or apple oil as it is sometimes called; it is used as a flavor for drinks and confectionery.

Essence of Caraway

The best is the essential oil; like some other essences, some call it almond oil.

Essence of Cassia

This is the oil of cassia, sometimes termed essence of allspice.

Essence of Chamomile

This is the essential oil of the plant, sometimes called essence of allspice. It is considered a good stomachic and stimulant.

Five to thirty drops constitute a dose. One-half fluid ounce in a pint of water is used to make up an extemporized chamomile water.

Essence of Mustard

Two ounces each of black mustard seed and of camphor are crushed and rubbed up with 3 drachms of oil of rosemary and 1 drachm balsam of tolu; as a coloring agent 1/2 drachm of annatto may be added. Digest for a week in the solvent selected.

Essence of Nutmegs

This is the essential oil of nutmegs sometimes called essence of allspice.

Essence d'Orient

The pearly material which lies at the base of the scales of a small fish, cyprinus, the blay or bleak. The scales are scraped off and are repeatedly washed in water, and finally the mass is put upon a sieve and the scales are thus removed. The so-called essence slowly deposits itself on the bottom of the vessel. A little ammonia added to the fluid prevents putrefaction. It is used in the manufacture of artificial pearls. The interior of glass beads are coated with it, so that they acquire a perfect pearly luster, and are almost indistinguishable from the true pearl of the orient.

Essence of Pears

Amyl acetate; a very familiar chemical, of a very characteristic and powerful perfume or odor. Sometimes the variety of pear is named from which it is supposed to be made. It is also called banana oil. The odor is agreeable, but too much of it is deleterious.

Essence of Pennyroyal

Also called essence of peppermint; it is used to make pennyroyal water; the latter is a mild stimulant.

Essence of Pineapple

Butyric ether, a well-known chemical of characteristic odor.

Essence of Spruce

This is a decoction of the tops of the black spruce, Abies Nigra, the fluid is evaporated to the thickness of a thick syrup. It is used to make spruce drinks, popular among country people.

Essence Volatile

1. Oil of cinnamon, 6 drops otto of roses, 12 drops oil of cloves, 1 fluid drachm essence of bergamotte, 2 fluid drachms oil of lavender, 4 fluid drachms essence of musk, 5 fluid drachms strong ammonia solution, 1 pint; shake well; keep in a cool place.

2.  Essence of violets and oil of cinnamon, of each, 12 drops, Neroli, essence of jasmine and otto of roses, of each, 1 fluid drachm; essence of pennyroyal, and of bergamotte, of each, 23.5 fluid drachms; ammonia as above.

3.  Oil of lemon and of bergamotte, of each, 5 fluid drachms, oil of lavender, 1.5 fluid drachms, otto of roses, 1 fluid drachm, oil of cassia, of neroli, of cloves, and of cedar, of each, 1/2 fluid drachm, oil of sandalwood, 15 drops; add ammonia as above.