Flash powders to be ignited by simply applying the flame of a match or laying on an oiled paper and igniting that, may be made by the following formulas:


Magnesium........ 6 parts

Potassium chlorate.. 12 parts


Aluminum........... 4 parts

Potassium chlorate.. 10 parts

Sugar............ 1 part

The ingredients in each case are to be powdered separately, and then lightly mixed with a wooden spatula, as the compound may be ignited by friction and burn with explosive violence.

It is best to make only such quantity as may be needed for use at the time, which is 10 or 15 grains.

To Prevent Smoke from Flashlight

Support over the point where the ignition is to take place a large flat pad of damp wool lint. This may be done by tacking the lint to the underside of a board supported on legs. When ignition takes place the products of combustion for the most part will become absorbed by the wool.

A Flashlight Apparatus with Smoke Trap

A light box, not too large to be conveniently carried out into the open air, is the first essential, and to the open front of this grooves must be fitted, in which grooves a lid will slide very easily, a large sheet of millboard being convenient as a sliding lid. The box being so placed that the sliding lid can be drawn out upward, a thread is attached to the lower edge of the lid, after which the thread is passed over a pulley fixed inside the box near the top, when the end is attached to the bottom of the box, so that the thread holds the sliding lid up. The lid will then slide down the grooves quickly, and close the box, if the thread is severed, the thread being cut at the right instant by placing the lower part across the spot where the flash is to be produced. So small is the cloud of smoke at the first instant that practically the whole of it can be caught in a drop trap of the above-mentioned kind. If the apparatus is not required again for immediate use, the smoke may be allowed to settle down in the box; but in other cases the box may be taken out into the open air, and the smoke buffeted out with a cloth. In the event of several exposures being required in immediate succession, the required number of apparatus might be set up, as each need hot cost much to construct.