When vapor is condensed high up in the air, it receives the name of cloud. The three fundamental forms are - cirrus, cumulus, and stratus. The cirrus consists of fibrous, wispy, or feathery clouds, placed in the highest region of the atmosphere. Cumulus (heap cloud) consists of rounded masses commonly seen in the sky in summer, supposed to be formed by columns of ascending vapor, the upper portions of which have condensed. Stratus is a horizontal sheet, frequently formed at sunset, but which disappears again at sunrise. These primary forms combine into intermediate forms, and are all combined in the nimbus or storm-cloud, that from which rain falls. The average distance of clouds from the earth is between one and two miles, but streaky, curling clouds are often six or more miles high.

Clover, A leguminous plant grown for fodder. It is one of the most useful crops a farmer can grow. Its roots collect and store up a large amount of plant-food. The common broad or red clover is the kind most generally grown. The white or Dutch clover grows in good pasture land; each stem bears a single head of flowers. Sheep are very fond of it. Crimson clover gives one excellent hay crop. Swedish clover, on the contrary, will grow strongly for two or three years in succession , yielding a very fair crop each year. It has a pink flower, and bears cold and wet well.