[Scand.] A place for keeping milk and making butter and cheese. A dairy should be lofty, well built, and roofed with slate, the windows covered with gauze wire, the floors and walls overlaid with smooth, polished tiles, and the shelves of slate or marble. It should be cool, dry, clean, and well ventilated, and furnished with pails, coolers, sieves, bowls (either of earthenware or glass), dishes for skimming milk, plunge or barrel churns for making butter, slice's, scales, and weights. A system of dairy factories or associated dairies was instituted in the United States in i860, and has developed so greatly that there are now more than 1000 in the State of New York alone, and the system has been introduced into several countries of Europe. They were at first confined to cheese-making, but many of them now make butter and cheese, and there are numerous creameries {q.v.), making butter only.